Old Land Regulation Hinders Waterfront Redevelopment

The pier is where the project Boston East planned to be built. (Photo by Carl Mueller)

By Cheng Linjing and Carl Mueller

The East Boston Master Plan of 2000, envisioned by city officials and community organizations, promised a surge of housing development along the waterfront. Yet today acres of vacant land remain. Many of the proposed projects lost their permits while trying to get Read More

East Boston High School JROTC teaches youth the value of leadership


Giselle Landaverde is organizing the attendance.  Photo by Rie Kitayama

By Lauren Yandow and Rie Kitayama

In the basement of East Boston High School, instructors dressed in Army uniforms shout, “Alfa, Bravo, Charlie, Delta.” As soon as students enter the class, without hesitation they begin working in their trained roles by taking attendance and preparing the JROTC company flags.

East Boston High School became the first Read More

Gun Buyback Program Comes To East Boston

By Jess Aloe, Evelyn Martinez and Tracy Williams

Boston has implemented a gun buyback program to get dangerous weapons off the streets. While gun violence isn’t as rampant in East Boston as it is in other places, police officers say any gun off the street is a win for the program.

East Boston Immigrants Pursue Citizenship


The East Boston Ecumenical Community Council provides papers and files regarding citizenship to immigrants. Photo by Zhihong Li

By Danielle Herrera and Zhihong Li

After a normal work day in 2007, Renata Teodoro came home to find her house in Boston torn apart. The cabinets were open, papers and pictures were strewn all over, and her brother was gone. Read More

East Boston Residents Wary of Police

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 6.07.56 PM

By Jess Aloe, Evelyn Martinez and Tracy Williams

Gloribell Mota recalled a story about a Latino man who called the police to report a break-in at his home. With broken English, he told the police there was a “robbery,” when he meant to say he had been “robbed.” So, the police thought the robbery was occurring right then. When they arrived Read More

Teaching English-Only Classes to Immigrants


The welcome poster at the front gate of YMCA International Learning Center. Photo by Zimo Zhou

By Marcelle Hutchins and Zimo Zhou

Jean Marco is hunched over the table staring at a highlighted page in the Bedford Reader. Next to him is a gray notebook for taking notes. His teacher paces around the room and clarifies the assignment. Marco momentarily focuses on his teacher, says nothing Read More

154 Maverick Street Incubator space births new beginnings for business owner

By Laura Onyeneho and Ashley Fountain

hugisses from Laura on Vimeo.

East Boston Business Incubators has teamed up with the Small Business Administration to host free Spanish language trainings within the community. This is one of the many resources the incubator spaces provides to increase the access to information on ways to build and expand small business ventures. Adriana Audon, a native of Colombia is one of many business Read More

The Waste Disposal Problem in East Boston

By Keely Flanagan, Michelle Harven, and Alecea Rush

There’s a problem in East Boston: Trash. While the waterfront neighborhood has the potential to be picturesque, piles of ripped-up trash bags and uncovered trash barrels litter the streets.

The community organization East Boston Main Streets is working to solve the problem, as is local advocate Chris Marchi. They hope to clean up the streets through education and enforcement.

Read More

Construction Progresses on East Boston’s Greenway Connector

By Whitney Leonard, Kathryn Breen, Linjing Cheng and Carl Mueller

Begun in 2007, East Boston’s Greenway park system will connect the neighborhood’s waterfront to Constitution Beach.  The 3.3 miles of green-space will join together individual parks along the former Conrail train line.  Currently, construction is picking up again on the Greenway Connector section after a harsh winter allowed for little progress.  The Connector will extend from the new public library Read More

East Boston High School After-School Drama Club

By Lauren Yandow and Rie Kitayama

East Boston High School After-School Drama Club provides students who share a passion for theater the opportunity to perform in yearly shows and participate in the technical aspects of the craft. The club’s students range from Freshman to Seniors with different skill levels and future ambitions for the performing arts. Each of the drama club’s participants joined for various reasons but have all found a Read More